Monday, February 06, 2012


For those of you who don't follow me on Twitter, we have a special treat for you today.  Seeing as I basically live-tweeted the Super Bowl yesterday, I thought I might share said tweets with you.

Think of it sort of like when the cable company offers free HBO for the weekend.  A brief glimpse into the premium side of Bone.  Or if you missed the game, think of this as the Cliff's Notes.  This is all you really need.

So sit back, pretend you're on the couch there with me as we take in the sights and sounds of Super Bowl XLVI.  Or I'll even let you sit on my Bama beanbag if you want.  And I hope you brought a friend.  Otherwise, there could be some weird tension if it's just the two of us.

(Note: I dozed off a couple hours before kickoff.)

/Begin Twitter log
I just dreamt I was chewing like twenty pieces of gum -- Wrigley's, Spearmint and Doublemint. #nap #subconscious

Aaaaand I missed Kelly Clarkson.

Why don't they keep score with #RomanNumerals? OK, I will. That's IX to... Wait, what's zero in Rome?

Apparently, there is no Roman Numeral for zero.  #IGuessThatsWhy

Officially abandoning my quest to elliptical the whole first half. Can't hear the commercials.

IX to III. Ah, much better.

My Mom, the other day: "Tom Brady's nearly too pretty to be a football player." What's an appropriate response to that? "Uh, yes, he is?"

Speed dating! Bahaha.

There's way too much football game in between these commercials.

X to IX. VIII seconds left in the half.

What's Madonna gonna sing?  I'm hoping for "Papa Don't Preach."

Oh!  That was a G.I. Joe movie trailer.  I thought it was gonna be a kickin' Mountain Dew commercial when it started out.

Bueller!!!! FTW!

I sure hope everybody's at a Super Bowl party.  Else I'm probably losing lots of followers tonight.

Off night for Budweiser. Wow.

Collinsworth: "You get an offsides, and then that 3rd and 8 turns into 3rd and 2." Evidently they're giving 6 yards for offsides now.

Hyundai tonight.#winning

Also loved the Seinfeld commercial. Betcha never could've guessed that.

And then there's the ads that make me never want to buy a product from that company.  Ever. #Samsung

And your Roman Numeral final tally: XXI to XVII
/End Twitter log

If you would like to join me on Twitter -- and after that, well how could you not -- just leave your Twitter handle in the comments and I'll follow you.  But hurry, I plan to cut it off at a thousand followers.  (For those who are curious, I currently have 22.)

If you would like to subscribe to HBO, contact your cable or satellite provider.  Then you can DVR Curb Your Enthusiasm and invite Bone over for a TV night.

I know, BYOB... Bring your own beanbag.

"Papa don't preach, I'm in trouble deep.  Papa don't preach, I've been losing sleep..."


  1. follow me

  2. You love twitter. You're welcome.

  3. Your Roman numeral scoring was very clever! lol...your Mom's comment about Brady reminded me of why my daughter decided to root for the Patriots: because the quarterback is so hot. :P

    Have a great day, Bone~~


  4. Thanks so much for sharing this Bone. I didn't watch the game at all but I now feel totally caught up. I too enjoyed the Seinfeld commercial (I watched them online) but Ferris was just awesome!

  5. Jade - Sure. I've been needing to update my links anyway.

    Cami - Um, total tweets: Cami - 12,028; Bone - 258. WHO loves Twitter?

    Sherri B - I suppose that's a better reason than prettiest uniforms :)

    Renee - You're welcome! Maybe I could start live-Tweeting all major events. Even movies. Who knows, I could have a whole new career on my hands. Or, a career. I mean, life moves pretty fast...

  6. that's 22 more tweeters than I have... A good game even though I am not a fan of either team

  7. Have I told you recently how deeply twisted you are?

    And I like Eli Manning. He's a Giant, he's smart and he has personality

    I think Twitter is a scourge on humanity, but don't ever quote that. Oh this blog's public?

  8. I love this! I think live blogging or tweeting is fun; and usually super funny!

  9. Bone!! I don't expect you to remember me, it's been FOREVER. Anyway, I'm chugging on the blogger train again. I forgot about all the blogs I used to read. :( Luckily I stumbled on yours again. I won't forget anymore, I'll put you on my blog roll. :) It really is nice to see that you're still blogging. Good job.

  10. p.s. what's your twitter handle? I'd love to follow you. I'm @seanpfarley

  11. Sage - Yeah, I had no rooting interest. It was more about Madonna and commercials for me this year.

    Pia - Not recently.

    You only think that now because you don't yet follow Michael Weatherly :)

    Hey, wait a second. Weren't you the one telling me I needed to join Twitter?

    OK Chick - Usually super funny? LOL I'm not sure how to take that.

    Bone - Of course I remember. Bone rarely forgets a blogger.

    You are now being followed. (On Twitter, that is.)

  12. Isn't every tweet by definition a live tweet? I mean, you tweet when something happens, right? As opposed to blogging, where you can write a post and then put it up at a later time.

    That said, I did enjoy your tweets. Not enough to get on Twitter, but still funny.

  13. You make me want to tweet!

  14. You could do that thing where folks call you to see what movies are playing and you pretend to be automated. ;o)