Friday, May 21, 2010

Feeding the fever

This week's Thursdays With Bone has been moved to Friday. Also, due to the fact that I'm currently at the beach, it is a repost. I know, we're already into reruns after one week?

Anyway, this is a post about a place I love. And it's where I'll be until Sunday. Hopefully, BP won't be destroying it anytime soon.

From 2007, here's a little number I like to call "The Fever."

On US Highway 98, just east of Destin, between Miramar and Santa Rosa, sits a little cafe called The Donut Hole. It's become tradition that on the day we leave the beach, we stop there for breakfast.I recommend the southwestern omelet. And the doughnuts, of course. I always get a box of doughnuts for the road. The food is great. The service sometimes lacking because it's so busy. But I've never been when there wasn't a line of people out the door and down the side of the building waiting.

I wish I was there.

There's a beachside restaurant called The Back Porch, with big bay windows to let in the ocean breeze, an outside bar, and picnic tables in the sand. I recommend the dreamsicle cake for dessert. And any and all of the seafood. You'll think they must have caught it that morning. And maybe they did.

I wish I was there.

There's an empty spot in the sand, just at the edge of the uprush, perfect for sitting. Where the water might wash over your feet once every five or six waves. Where you can bury your toes in the cool, damp sand, and think about anything and everything. Or nothing at all. And even though it's only a few hundred feet to the highway, it seems a million miles away.

I wish I was there.

I've got beach fever, if you can't tell. The highs have been between 60 and 70 here for seemingly the past week. I've been driving with the sunroof open, even at night. And last night before the storms moved in, it was warm and very windy, and reminded me of the ocean breeze.

So I've been listening to Buffett and thinking about the beach. The sand. The breeze. The waves. Gorgeous American girls working on their tans. All the while, me having no clue as to whether they are 16 or 29.

Last night, I opened the window so I could listen to it rain. Seemed like it rained for twelve hours.

That's another good thing about the beach. Even when it rains, it never seems to last very long.

I wish I was there.

"I got my toes in the water, toes in the sand, not a worry in the world..."


  1. Jealous that you're at the beach and I'm not. I was just outside earlier and I thought, "mmm, it's warm enough tonight to be outside barefoot. I love the feel of sidewalk (and sand) on bare feet."

    Enjoy your beach time!

  2. I don't remember this post--but I'm glad you're there and hope you're having fun and only fresh water is washing over your toes (although the oil might be good for the skin?)

    Word verification: "place"

  3. I don't like the beach- too hot and I don't tan at all. I want to look good when I am old, not like an old leatherneck.

    You have given me an idea for blogging this summer as far as using repeats. Great idea, a lot of people haven't seen the old posts, like I hadn't seen this one before.

    Oh and we do have a huge beach here attached to Lake Michigan. LM is stinky- most people there are portly and you can tell how old they are pretty readily.

  4. I've been wondering if we weren't going to be treated to a beach post by Bone this spring. :) You're late, cuz I've had the fever for months now. That said, this was a treat this morning: it's definitely my second favorite post (ever) of yours.

    I hope you had a great trip to Destin! And that you had room for the dream sickle cake and donuts :)

    PS: I think those lyrics are the radio-edited PG ones, but I'll give you that any day at the beach means "life is good" that day ;)

  5. When you live at the beach--it's life like anyplace else with a big caveat--the ocean. OK great music, a simpler life--but sometimes I just want to stay in my yard or walk through town!!!!! Going to take a large town walk today with a stop at the beach of course. Wish I could say I'm on vacation and have ice cream but....
    Michelle--you don't have to tan if you don't want to--the miracle of sunblock--and generally the beach is 10 or more degrees cooler than inland

  6. This is brand new to me because I was not blogging in 07.

    This is a great read, it actually makes me want to go to the beach and I do not even like the beach all that much.

    I hope the oil spill stays away from the favorite place of yours.

    Travelers mercies to you.

  7. Now all I can think about is dreamsicle cake. Never heard of it, but now I feel like I must find a recipe to make it for the holiday weekend coming up.

  8. That's odd. I've only heard "Life is good" on Go Country and I'd swear they always play "Toes in the water, ass in the sand..."
    Perhaps Bone himself PGerized it because he's stopped right before "cold beer in my hand" ;)

  9. Bone I forgot to mention how much this post made me hunger for the beach. And yes I live at the beach! That's what beautiful words do to me. Make me long.....

  10. You surely enjoyed the beach, who can help but do so.

    I tried not to bloat with envy, as coveting thy neighbors beach time is one of the 7 deadly sins, but still....

  11. Carnealian - Well, we can't all make it to Grand Cayman, you know ;-)

    I'm not big on going barefoot other than on the beach. Flip-flops are a different story, however.

    Sage - That was back when I blogged more than once every couple of weeks, so it was probably easier to miss a post here and there.

    No oil. Yet.

    Michelle - I take it you're not the Lake Michigan tourism director :)

    I suppose summer is a good time for reruns.

    TC - it's definitely my second favorite post (ever) of yours.

    Do you have a top five list or something? :)

    Oh, I had room for both. Though this is the second trip in a row that the Donut Hole has been out of my key lime donuts :-/

    Pia - I've wondered if I'd get tired of it if I lived there. Or take it for granted. Probably would, a little. I suppose that's human nature.

    Good point about it being cooler than inland. It was steamy the whole time, but the breeze off the water helps a little.

    Penny Candy - That makes me think of the old NBC promos when they were airing reruns. Something like, "If you haven't seen it, then it's new to you."

    Susan - They actually call it "Hello Sunshine." (I think they changed the name of it.) I've never tried to find a recipe online.

    Capn John - Someone else mentioned that earlier. No, that's the only version I've been privy to. So apparently radio decided to PGerize it before I could :)

    Pia Savage - That's a very nice compliment. Made me smile. Thanks :)

    Cooper - Oh, I surely did.

    I was trying to decide whether or not to post pics. I'm never sure if that helps or just makes it worse.

  12. Last night- several times I said out loud, "I wonder if Bone is watching this??? Will he post on it tomorrow? Did he cry (like I did)?"
    Hugs- and thank you for stopping by at MV. You were in my thoughts too...

  13. Jealous! I love Destin. Hey, we should meet there next time.

  14. I'm there Thursday!! I am SOOO excited! And I'll be at all of those places!! GLORIOUS!

  15. As Mellencamp would say..."Well there's people and more people What do they know know know - Go to work in some high rise And vacation down at the Gulf of Mexico Ooh yeah"
    No better place to be in my opinion! Maybe next time we can fill in that 58 mile gap for a meet & greet! By the way - are you still toasty??? :-)

  16. ooooh the beach.. wish I were there!

    "Because I'd rather have the afternoon, relax and understand
    My hip hop and flip-flops well it don't stop with the light rock"

    that part of this song always makes me want to be at the beach too!

  17. Sounds amazing. Have a great time. And what's dreamsicle cake?

  18. There might be two versions, one for retail(private use) and for one radio/public play.

    Back when Go Country 105 was on 93.9, and known as KZLA, they used to play a slightly dubbed version of David Ball's Riding with Private Malone where "the buttons on the radio never seemed to work quite right, but it picked up KZLA especially late at night."

  19. Hope your time at the beach was fab!

  20. this could be a horrible joke one day- and very distasteful- but a common saying around the beach is- "We have tar balls."

    - but don't let that keep you from the beach- now you can fly southwest to PC beach from Nashville and be here in no time!