Sunday, May 04, 2008

The Highway

There's a highway out of town and it can take you
Any place you want or don't want to go
I knew a girl who took it seven years ago last Sunday
And I ain't seen her since, the days can pass so slow

You can hear the cars on that highway from my window
And imagine where they're going as they fly by
I told myself a million times someday I would take it, too
But I'm still here 'cause a million times I lied

That highway took my best friend off to some cursed war
And they brought him home to us in a box with a flag
They told us he's a hero, but it just left me empty
Now each day I try to live the life he never had

They say you can chase your dreams down that highway
You can leave your past behind, or go to clear your head
I told myself a million times someday I would go chase mine
But dreams too long ignored just wind up dead


  1. Dreams do die away. There is so much truth in here. Sadness conveyed in a matter of fact tone.

    Do write more poetry.

  2. that is awesome bone... you or your dad really need to set that to music...

  3. how touching. and sad. and honest. and true.

    love it.

  4. While some dreams die, there are always new ones that come along: You just have to follow through with those dreams... And sometimes taking the highway isn't all it's cracked up to be.

    I believe the next time you post lyrics, they should be accompanied by you singing/playing the guitar... O:)

    P.S. Happy cinco de Bone-O. It's even your golden :) Seems about right as a lot of days you are still like a little boy. *hugs*

  5. It's incredible Bone. It conveys so much and yes would make a perfect song

  6. I've missed you. How's it going?

  7. Awesome poem. We all have our own highway

  8. Awesome, Bone. I've missed your posts. I'll be offline for a week or so while moving to a new house... but I'll be thinking about my 3WW friends. Hugs to you.

  9. Oops--that's really me, Gay. OpenID changed my login.

  10. Bone,
    What an absolutely phenomenal piece of writing!! I had to read it out loud to my best friend...I agree with Paisley - needs to be put to music!!! It is so rare to find gems like this - thank you thank you thank you for sharing this with me.

  11. wow, as I read it, I read it with a Sad tune and Bob Dylans distinct sound. Send it to him Bone...It's already a hit! :))

  12. Tome Waits, blogging's own Bone, I'd even let you keep the name if you would put it to music

  13. powerful---the dreams of those that go down the road, the heartbreak that also occur...

  14. ..some hiways are just plain scary

  15. Hey I just stopped by!
    Nice poem.

  16. Very powerful, and beautiful. I love the way you write.