Wednesday, December 19, 2007

3WW has moved!

Click here, and be sure to update your links.

I apologize for not getting around to reading everyone's entries last week. I wasn't around the computer much at all. The post below explains why.


  1. Hi Bone,

    I left you a comment on your new blog. You'll have to change the comments so they aren't moderated.



  2. Wow. Look who's hit the big time! ;-)

  3. Bone, I forgot to hug you in that last post of yours.

    Would you please accept my heartfelt cyber hug?

  4. Second Heather--but Mr, my real initials are OCD, did you have to be so efficient?

    Some of us are having nervous breakdowns as we can't spend this week in our own home and don't have clothes and....No I don't mean to sound like one of the hundred neediest cases--renovating to sell

    Maybe now you will put IROOBTY on WP so all of us non Blogger people have an identity

  5. Hope your mom is doing much better now, Bone.

    Caught the new blog, really neat, thanks


  6. I hope your mom is doing better.

  7. Rose: Thanks. I guess the default is to have comments from first-time commenters held for approval. I changed it now though.

    Heather B: *looking around* Who? :)

    Kate: I would say good idea. I'm not sure about great :)

    Gautami: I will definitely accept that. Thank you.

    Pia: Mr, my real initials are OCD

    I believe you've already answered your own question :)

    I have thought about moving IYROOBTY to Wordpress. We shall see. Stay tuned... or logged in.

    UL & Renee: Thanks for the good wishes. She is doing better.