Thursday, January 12, 2006

Thursday Thirteen #5

Thirteen random thoughts from the mind of Bone...

1. I really thought about not doing the Thursday 13 this week. But alas, I decided to. I guess that's fairly obvious about now. Tried to think of a theme, but I like the randomness of not having one sometimes.

2. I can ice skate, but I cannot roller skate. Actually, I haven't tried to roller skate in twenty years. So perhaps I could. Since theoretically, I should be able to roller blade.

3. Seems like maybe I blogged that before. And maybe this, too. My first time ice skating, I fell about thirty times even staying right by the rail. Finally, two girls walked up and asked if I needed some help. The rest of the night, I was escorted around the rink with a girl on each arm. Booyah!

4. I've always liked anything to do with numbers. Any kind of poll, rankings, statistics, etc.

5. Eric Davis batted .293 in 1987 with 37 homeruns and 100 RBIs. I didn't have to look that up. I used to collect baseball cards. And the Cincinnati Reds have always been my favorite team. And I loved RBI Baseball.

6. I have way too much seemingly useless knowledge. Like I know the only two Seinfeld episodes that don't include Kramer. I know the one episode that doesn't include George. And the one which doesn't include Elaine.

7. Sometimes I think I overuse the strike-thru thingy.

8. When I eat a chicken pot pie, I like to melt a single slice of American cheese over it. Mmmm!

9. Something Audra posted the other day reminded me, I really like watching City Confidential and American Justice on A&E. And most anything on The History Channel.

10. Whenever my Mom walks into a room or house she thinks is cold, she'll say something like "Are ya'll killing hogs in here?" or "It's cold enough to kill hogs." I'm not sure what it means. But apparently, you can't kill hogs when it's hot. Anyone else ever heard that phrase?

11. When I used to watch Tom & Jerry, I'd always wish that Tom would catch him. Is that abnormal?

12. The only motorcycle I've ever driven was a little 50cc Yamaha when I was like twelve. But I've always wanted to own a real bike one day.

13. I am planning to go see Munich tonight. Let me know if you've seen it.

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"I remember Sunday mornings, walkin' on the beach. And that place we'd stop for breakfast with the old red vinyl seats. The hours of the tide chart. The way the sunlight danced upon your face..."


  1. You'd think that if you could ice skate then you could roller blade but that's not true. In ice skating the blade sort of hooks into the ice, making it more stable than a roller blade. The wheels on a roller blade roll (obviously) making it less stable. More people fall when roller blading than when ice skating. Roller skating would be easier since the four wheels are further apart and provide a more stable base.

    Here's a question for you. Why do most Southerners spell it ya'll? Isn't it a contraction of you all and so therefore it should be y'all?

  2. Because of you I decided to watch "City Confidential" the other night about this town in Maine. I kinda want to see if you put a hog in Alaska what would happen. LoL PETA is going to kick my ass now :)
    Here's mine for this week!

  3. I can roller skate, but not ice skate. I've been ISing a few times, but spend the majority of the time on my knees and then have yellow bruised knees for a week or so. I haven't been since I was 18, so I think I should stay clear. I haven't roller skated since I was like 15 or maybe that wouldn't be a good idea either.

    Your random 13 was very good... I didn't care for the sports stuff, but you're a guy, so it's expected.

    My 13 are up!
    I hope you don't find the pet info too girly.

  4. I have never heard anything about the proper temperature to kill hogs... of this I assure you.


  5. I like to ice skate, but only on rinks. on ponds the ice is really just t-o-o- b-u-m-p-y! :) My list is up!

  6. apparently (according to Veronika) pets were a popular topic this week... I haven't run across that yet.
    My rabbits are fun, still waiting for a rabbit that is cuddly far they've all had the attitude that I'm their slave. LOL! Still love them. We had rabbits as kids too.

    Too WEIRD: your word verification was fshlkli ... looks like Fish licki to me.

  7. Good random TT list. I have no idea how cold it has to be to kill hogs either. lol

    My 13 are up

  8. most importantly, how do you do the strike through thingy?
    I can't figure it out.

  9. The first time I tried roller blading, I fell on my ass... The stopper is on the front on regular "old timey" skates... both of them even. On roller blades, the stopper is on the back of only one of the skates... I learned that the hard way! hahaha

    Great TT, thanks for stopping by my blog!

  10. Xinh: Ha ha. Well, I'm not sure which is technically correct, if either. But in contractions, you break up the last word. Do not=don't. So I guess we break up all. And so it becomes ya'll :-)

    Audra: Was it interesting? I love the guy's voice on that show.

    Renee: You bruise yellow? I think I bruise blue or black or purple. Not sure what to say about the fish licki, although...

    OCG: I guess it's kinda like your "get your goat" thing. So you had goats, but no hogs?

    Uisce: Never skated on a pond. Only rinks. My uncle tried to get me to "skate" on a pond one time. He claimed you could drive a car out on it. But I didn't trust him.

    WendyWings: Ah, the Thursday 13 Nazi :-) Thanks for stopping by.

    Courtney: Well I suppose it's another southernism. Or maybe just a myfamilyism. I will check out your list.

    Heather: What's in it for me? ;-)

    Just put a "strike" tag before and "/strike" after the text you want to strike out. (Put them in <>'s, of course.)

    Texas Ivy: I shall take all roller blading tips and tricks under advisement.

  11. My theory on the hogs is, they used to kill them when it was cold and hang them up to carve outside. Have you ever been up to Lawrenceberg, Tn., to visit the Menonites? One year we were up there around Christmas, and they had a cow hanging in the tree. Thus, my theory.

  12. The hog-killing thing must be a country thing. Sounds like something my mother-in-law would say.
    I'm an hour due south of Nashville, so I know about where you live...or purty close.
    I love motorcycles....but have lost a friend and a close acquaintance (a police officer in Fayetteville) both within three months on the things. If you must ride, be careful.

  13. I did see Munich, last weekend. Not that this information is going to be helpful at this time of day! I didn't like it, it was bloody, but that's not why I didn't like it.

    Never heard the "hog" phrase before.

    Motorcycles are fun, you should get one, and a couple of tattoos!

    So, if I drop a box of toothpicks on the ground, do you immediately know how many were in the box?

  14. My hubby's brain is a vast treasure trove of useless knowledge. But it's not useless at Trivial Pursuit time! He'll whip your ass and hand it back to you before your dice stop spinning. LOL. I'll bet you're the same way with tiriva games.

  15. When I eat anything, I like to melt a single piece of American cheese over it. Everything is better with cheese melted over it.

  16. That anon post was me. Tara.

  17. MMMmmmm.....Cheese. I want you on MY team for Trivia Pursuit!

  18. Tenacious: I've never been to see the Menonites. My parents have.

    Jennifer: Sounds like we're not far from each other. Yeah, believe me, my Dad would worry himself sick if I bought a motorcycle. And I'm 32 years old!

    Carnealian: There was a lot of blood. But I thought it was necessary.

    Can't get a tattoo. Too much commitment :-)

    And I find it interesting that immediately following the previous comment concerning the dangers of motorcycles, you encourage me to get one. lol

    And on the toothpick question... depends on what you were wearing.

    Chickadee: Perhaps. I usually do pretty well at Trivial Pursuit.

    Tara: "Everything is better with cheese melted over it."

    That should be in life's little instruction book :-)

    Veronika: OK. I'm best at Geography, History, and Sports & Leisure (not surprisingly).

  19. loAlright. My second ever TT is up at It's mixed in with an actual post though.

    And regarding the y'all vs ya'll. I could see where you might get the idea that you'd have to break up the "all" since the other words break up the last word, but if it's a contraction of "you all," then clearly, the word "you" is the one being broken. Therefore, the contraction should be y'all. I think I might be putting too much thought into this (it's the English Grammar Goddess in me). I don't actually have issue with it being spelled "ya'll"; I was just wondering why it was contracted that way and you gave me a plausible enough answer.

    I'm good at Trivial Pursuit. I'm best at Arts/Literature and all the Film/TV/Music stuff.

  20. I can ice and roller skate, but it's been awhile and I bet I don't do it well anymore....

  21. Xinh: OK, your explanation sounds good. Just don't know if I could ever get used to y'all instead of ya'll.

    Circe: The frustrating thing at ice skating for me was these 8-year-old kids who'd be pirouetting, jumping, skating backwards, etc. Sometimes I'd try to skate really close to them to see if it would mess them up.

  22. What's in it for you?
    My eternal thanks and devotion to your blog. I know that's what you've always wanted in life.

    I'm going to practice now...we'll see how this works.

  23. That's waaay to much random knowledge. Wanna team up at Trivial Pursuit? I'm really good at everything but sports.

    My 13 are up!

  24. Heather: "My eternal thanks and devotion to your blog."

    Yes, that's all I ask :-)

    Lass: OK, but Veronika asked first :-)

  25. A motorcylcle huh? Never knew that. It's very interesting. You don't seem like the type though. Maybe a little sport bike or something. I still don't have a helmet for ours though. Maybe this weekend will be the weekend!

  26. Did you know...boys lie and kinda stink??